If happiness was a color,
It would be yellow
As yellow as a sun.
If happiness was a taste
It would be just like gummy bears.
If happiness was a feeling
It would be as happy as a turkey that didn’t get eaten on thanksgiving .
If happiness was a smell
It would be amazing as a gummy bears with a monster.
If happiness was a sound,
It would be silent as a mouse .

My big brother :)

I love you,
the best big brother
I could ask for
even though we
don’t see each other
I still love you
I miss you
a lot
I think about you
I miss the way you smell
even though that’s strange
to say
I knew
you were always there
when mom and dad fought
you would take me
in your car
we would just drive
and talk
making memories
I miss that
its kinda crazy how
I miss the little things you did
some how you could just
walk into a room
make everyone
I wish
I could be
more like

spring break fun:)

What I’m going to be doing over spring break is I’m going  to be with my family . I am also  going to go to the mall, go to a concert, hangout with my friends, and sleep in for a whole week! Which is the best thing ever! I barely get to see my family , since I moved to Texas and they live in Arkansas, six hours away!

The Holocaust

I learned that on  27 January  the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. The holocaust was a time that will be remember for centuries and centuries.  I picked to write about this  because, i find it very inserting.  It was a very sad time. More then 1,000 of people died for no reason. Just because of there background and what they believed.